Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Business Management


This program is designed to train students for MBS & MBA level, Chartered Accountancy, or we can say that this program is a foundation level from where the graduates can move to any discipline of their interests. This program enables students to become good middle-class competent managers to handle any business house or public or private organization very efficiently. Specialized courses in the BBS program make students competent to function within or outside the country in the field of Accounting, Economics, Banking, Marketing, Finance, Management, HRD, HRM, research, and other segments of management education.


The objectives of different courses BBS are :

  • To acquaint students with necessary managerial tools and statistical methods for decision-making.
  • To develop skills in systematically analysing economic aspects of the managerial decision.
  • To provide students depth knowledge of cost and management accounting required for decision-making.
  • To give comprehensive management knowledge to students to become good entrepreneurs and create employment opportunities in society.


The specific objectives of the BBS Program Focus

  • To teach the students language items and reading/writing skills so that they can read books by themselves.
  • To prepare the students to pursue their regular course in English.
  • To give the students enough material of common interest and interdisciplinary nature so they will be exposed to the world of knowledge and scholarship.
  • To enable the students to read and comprehend complex texts related to the general and specific study area.
  • To develop the communicative competency of the students.